Lower Gutter Maintenance with a Gutter Cover

Carl called yet again. Carl checks in via phone quite a bit. Someone should take Carl's phone away. He says "Howdy." He says that followed by total silence. Carl does this a lot.

We-Carl, I, others-live in a small, quaint row of houses. All the neighbors know each other so Carl considers this closeness, this happenstance nearness gives him permission to reign over telephone lines like he's the most diminutive Napoleon ever.

So why did he call today? In a hurried and strangely ecstatic voice he asks me to come by; he had something he wanted to show me. Subterfuge bounces off him like a trampoline. I went to his house

His accommodations are about as unrestrained as the man himself. As I approach I recall that his yard usually displays seasonal decorations. It's spring now and so what does he have propped up? A giant, decorative bunny. Swaying, it welcomes me. Carl opens the front door before I am able to ring the doorbell. Grasping my elbow he leads me past his porch awning. He stares upward. I follow his lead. We're both looking up. I wait.

I discover the whole purpose of my requested presence was so he could show off gutter covers, which he claims keeps leaves out of his gutters. For once, Carl's ramblings were actually helpful.

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