Not All Modular Housing is Created Equal

I got this sales job a little over 5 years. I certainly the company and my coworkers are friendly but back in September I went through a period of apathy. Possibly it was the end of summer but my feeling appeared to be the general consensus of the company. The manager must've have noticed it too because before long everyone had to participate in a CEO business group training event.

When I heard the news I was skeptical. As someone raised in the ironic age, coupled with childhood favorites like South Park I welcome almost everything with an eye roll. This was before the seminar. Following the training sessions I'd totally changed my mind. During the seminar we were treated to engaging, thought-provoking, and entertaining speakers. The activities were useful. Plus, thefood was delicious. Most Importantly I went back to the office with new motivation, substantial leadership qualities, and a more intimate relationship with my coworkers. If your work is hiring motivational speaker save your pessimism.

. CEO business group