There is a immense of satisfaction involved with getting a first domicile. Everyone enjoyed the tremendous backyard and the opportunity to be in a more hospitable part of town. Everything was fantastic. It was only a seven months later when our good fortunes started to unravel.

One Sunday morning we went as a family to church. It merely takes a brief moment for catastrophe to arrive. We returned to a flooded house. The entire north side of our house was altered. A pipe connected to the bathroom had broken. Even though a lot of damage was done had been ruined, we felt blessed we returned to our house when we did. Not an issue, we concluded, the insurance policy would cover all of it.

And I had been absolutely incorrect. My coverage option would only pay actual cash value. This meant I wouldn't get everything I'd purchased them for. I'd only be given the amount of the item's worth, and not what I paid for them. Be sure to acquire all relevant details about home insurance before you get a policy.

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